Song of the Week: February 21 – ”Samba de Sexta a Noite” – Strawser Music Studio

Song of the Week: February 21 – ”Samba de Sexta a Noite” – Strawser Music Studio.

Now for something a little different.


Inspired by a commission for a video game project I received the other day, I decided to go for a real campy type of sound this week. In fact, I wanted to post the tune I’d written for the game, but I’ve decided to hold off until the game goes to market. Instead, I wrote another tune based very much on the same feel and sound as the original tune. The premise of the game is quite silly, and I thought that a goofy samba-with-drum-machine type of vibe, a la Burt Kaemfert or Herb Alpert, would fit the bill. This tune is not quite as light-hearted, but you’ll see what I’m talking about when I post it in the next couple of weeks. Check back regularly.


As you can see, the tune is not completely finished, but I really didn’t want to drag it out any longer than it already was.


A special mention today for the Datsounds Obxd, a freeware AU/VST Oberheim OBX emulator plugin, used to double the Rhodes melody throughout the piece.


Plugin instruments used in this piece include:


  • Arturia Spark (drums)
  • Arturia Prophet V (bass synth)
  • Scarbee Mark I (Rhodes Piano, melody)
  • Datsounds Obxd (Synth melody)
  • EVB3 (samba organ)
  • Martinic Combo Model V (combo organ solo)
  • SampleMoog (synth pad)
  • Arturia Jupiter 8 V (resonant synth pad/stabs)
  • SampleTron (mellotron flutes, brass)
  • Arturia ARP 2600 V (synth solo)

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