Rhodes Chroma


Atlanta-based keyboard player and tech Eric Frampton gives a detailed explanation of how he restored his classic Rhodes Chroma. He also offers a demo of the various factory presets, and does a shootout with a classic MemoryMoog!


The ARP 2600: Introduction

From the Bob Moog Foundation website:


Marc Doty is a songwriter, composer, and synthesist from Washington State.  His obsession with Moog and other vintage analog synthesizers led to him the creation of a synthesizer demonstration YouTube channel, Automatic Gainsay, which now has nearly 4 million views.  His video work as well as his passion for the work of Robert Moog, synthesizers, and the history of electronic music has resulted in the Bob Moog Foundation bringing him on as “Artist in Residence”  for one month this summer.  Marc will  be using his visual and videographical skills to aid the Bob Moog Foundation in various projects including developing materials for the MoogLab curriculum. You can see more of  his synth education work at http://www.youtube.com/automaticgainsay.

Keys of the 70’s

Thanks to my buddy Sean Tonar over at progressiveears.com for turning me on to this site:


Been looking through some mid-70s issues of “Contemporary Keyboard” (h.f. “CK”) magazine.  CK later became simply “Keyboard,” which is still in publication; it’s part of the GUITAR PLAYER family of publications.  Continue reading